Case Study 3

Developing a holistic digital ads strategy to drive sales and boost ROAS with Mabel and Woods

Client: Mabel and Woods

Key Services:

  • Meta and Google Ads Management

Led By:

  • Jarrah Brailey – Founder and Managing Director
  • Zoya Hocking – Senior Paid Ads Specialist

Partnership Kick-off: 2019

The JamPacked Effect

  • Holistic digital strategy: Uniting paid ads with the brand’s broader marketing strategy. 
  • Uplift in sales and ROAS: Boosting revenue by +96.87% and lowering CPA by -45.13%.
  • Expanded ad placements: Introducing Google Ads to deliver a game-changing lift in conversions and ROAS.
JamPacked_Mabel and Woods_images of woman in flowery dress and pink shirt

Before JamPacked: Low campaign performance and lack of a holistic digital strategy

Mabel and Woods is a Melbourne-based fashion boutique founded with a clear mission: to help women uncover their unique style and reclaim their confidence, no matter their age or budget. 

Backed by decades of experience in the fashion industry, co-founders Ingrid Scanlon and Anna McRae saw the struggles women were facing first-hand. The pair dreamt up a fun, hassle-free shopping experience that enabled women to find quality, flattering pieces at affordable prices. 

Mabel and Woods knew that paid social advertising was a powerful way to reach new customers and drive sales. However, the pair had been let down by other ad agencies who didn’t grasp the brand’s unique mission, values and the needs of their customers. As a result, the brand’s paid social ads were generating low, sub-par results and failing to convert audiences into paying customers. 

In 2019, Ingrid and Anna were seeking a new paid ads partner to unlock the full potential of social advertising for their boutique. Not only did they need a team of experts who could truly understand their brand and audience, but the duo needed support to understand how paid social ads integrated with the brand’s broader marketing strategy. 

Ultimately, Mabel and Woods were on the hunt for a proactive partner who could develop a holistic digital ads strategy that optimised their customer journey, harnessed creative best-practice guidelines and ensured the brand would stand out in a competitive market. 

And that’s where Mabel and Woods’s partnership with Jampacked began.

Joining Forces With Jampacked: Proactively innovating and levelling up across all digital touchpoints

With ambitions to increase sales and scale their boutique, Mabel and Woods turned to our team to innovate their paid ads strategy, content and customer experience. 

Led by Jarrah Brailey (Jampacked’s Founder and Managing Director) and Zoya Hocking (our Digital Marketing Specialist), we began by reviewing and revamping their entire digital strategy for paid social ads on Meta. We looked beyond the brand’s ad campaigns and strategised how we could unite their broader marketing efforts and organic social content with their paid social presence. 

Drawing on our expertise in digital marketing, we offered proactive recommendations about what the brand needed to be doing outside of paid advertising to boost ad performance, drive engagement and streamline each customer’s path to purchase. 

While Meta was our initial focus, after proving the success of our strategy, we went on to expand our paid ads retainer to include Google Ads. This involved establishing the brand’s presence on Google and setting up ad campaigns to promote their products via Google Shopping Ads (getting the brand in front of buyers who were primed and ready to purchase). 

At the same time, we took this as an opportunity to further refine Mabel and Woods’ Meta paid ads strategy to stay one step ahead of their competition and boost results, conversions and sales for the brand. 

Our existing strategy of promoting weekly new arrivals on Meta through slideshow and video ads continued to perform well and produce strong results. However, we saw an opportunity to personalise this creative further by promoting hero pieces as wardrobe staples, paired with ad copy written by Anna (as if she was speaking directly to the customer). 

Unsurprisingly, this hyper-personalised strategy blew up, deeply resonated with the brand’s target audience and skyrocketed results for Mabel and Woods’ paid social ads.

JamPacked_Mabel and Wood_products modelled2

The Cherry On Top: Boosting revenue and ROAS with a bespoke digital ads strategy

With a deep understanding of Mabel and Wood’s brand and customers, we’ve evolved and expanded their paid ads strategy to drive sales, boost revenue and lift ROAS. 

By digging below the surface and truly uncovering the brand’s unique positioning, we’ve been able to make a significant positive impact on the boutique’s bottom line through a holistic strategy and high-performing ad creative. Not only have we increased reach by +156.89% by we’ve inspired conversion at scale, driving a lift in purchases by 79.27%. 

Now, Mabel and Wood’s paid social ads are driving a much higher ROAS and a significant boost in conversions. In fact, their revenue is now back to the peak in sales the brand experienced during the height of the pandemic. 

To put that in tangible terms, at the beginning of our partnership Mabel and Woods only had a single shop to store stock. Now, the boutique has an entire warehouse to keep up with orders and customer demand. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the co-founders of Mabel and Woods have to say about their experience working with us:

As owners of a fast-paced fashion business, we needed a bespoke ad agency that understood our customers, business model and products really, really well. We were recommended over four years ago to speak with Jampacked Agency and have never looked back.

Our working relationship and their understanding of our customer’s evolving needs means our ad approach can change easily and quickly if needed.

With steadily increasing and reliable returns over the years through our Meta ads, we used that confidence in Jampacked to add Google ads to our digital marketing strategy over 12 months ago, and it’s been game-changing for our business. We couldn’t be more delighted with the financial growth we have consistently seen by adding Google ads to our profile, as recommended by the Jampacked team.

With outstanding communication, the Jampacked team takes a refreshingly proactive approach to our paid ads and digital marketing. We’re constantly impressed with the superior level of service and value we receive not only with their agency fee but with our ad spend.” 

And that’s just the beginning. After the huge success of adding Google Ads to their paid ads strategy, we’re gearing up to explore other ad placements to support Mabel and Woods’ growth (including TikTok and Pinterest ads).

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