Case Study 2

From 0 followers to $300k+ ad revenue generated in 6 months with Yarn’n

Client: Yarn’n

Key Services:

  • Meta Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Ad Creative Content Creation 
  • Organic Social Media Coaching

Led By:

  • Jarrah Brailey – Founder and Managing Director
  • Zoya Hocking – Senior Paid Ads Specialist

Partnership Kick-off: October 2023

The JamPacked Effect

  • $300k+ revenue generated from Facebook and Google Ads 
  • 11x ROAS across Facebook and Google Ads
  • 2+ million impressions from Facebook Ads in under six months

Let’s hear from Yarn’n


Before JamPacked: Starting from square one

Yarn’n are anything but your average toilet paper delivery service. In fact, this First Nations-owned company is passionate about bringing Aboriginal culture to bathrooms across Australia – one deadly dunny paper roll at a time. 

Since 2020, co-founders Lane Stockton and David Croft wanted to do more than simply launch a business: the pair wanted to spark change. Not only is every roll 100% recycled and made in Australia, but each wrapper is created in collaboration with First Nation artists (with 50% of profits going to the Yalari Foundation, an organisation educating First Nations youth). 

Like many new businesses, Yarn’n had a clear vision and strong, unique selling points but no strategy in place to reach new customers. In fact, the team only had a set of branded assets (created by Olly and the team from Made by Mustard), with no idea what kind of content they needed to create for both organic and paid social media marketing. 

Building a brand from scratch means they were starting from a blank slate: we’re talking 0 social media followers and a brand new website with no pixel data to leverage. 

Plus, the team were overwhelmed by the prospect of producing content and needed a team of digital marketing experts to guide them through everything from developing a paid ads strategy to gathering user-generated content. 

And that’s where Yarn’n’s partnership with Jampacked began.

Joining Forces With Jampacked: Designing a results-driven social media strategy across paid and organic

After an introduction from an existing Jampacked client, Jarrah Brailey (our Founder and Managing Director) instantly forged a connection to the Yarn’n brand. Not only was she so impressed by their mission and purpose, but Jarrah felt a strong alignment with the company, with her stepdad and two brothers being First Nations Australians. 

The Jampacked team knew we could make a big impact on the brand’s growth with a holistic paid ads strategy that worked hand-in-hand with Yarn’n’s organic social media content

First up, we aligned on the brand’s key goals, which included building brand awareness, driving website traffic, growing a social media following and increasing sales (with ambitions to score 100 orders a day within just a few months).  

Along with Zoya Hocking (Jampacked’s Senior Paid Ads Specialist), we created a comprehensive social and digital advertising strategy, drawing on extensive market research, in-depth competitive analysis as well as our best practice insights about what is working in the paid ads space.

Since building this strategy, Jampacked has gone on to take the reigns of Yarn’n’s digital marketing, including:

  • Managing all aspects of the brand’s Meta and Google ad accounts, generating over $300k in revenue in less than six months.
  • Training and advising on organic content best practices to support the brand’s advertising strategy, with mentoring on how to tap into the power of TikTok content creation.
  • Producing high-performing ad creative that has generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.
  • Continuing to conceptualise and create ad content that harnesses digital storytelling, builds the personal brand of Yarn’n’s founders and allows the company to showcase the brand’s purpose and mission with potential customers at scale.
  • Launching successful campaigns (such as Yarn’n’s recent ‘Us vs. Them’ ad campaign) to help convert their competitors’ customers and convince them to make the switch to Yarn’n for life. 
  • Curating and generating user-generated content from the brand’s customers and handpicked content creators.

The results speak for themselves. In just six months, we’ve helped Yarn’n reach millions of potential customers through the power of digital advertising. Not only have these campaigns generated $300k+ in revenue, but the brand’s ROAS (return on ad spend) has been upwards of 11x with a cost-per-click of just 80 cents on average.

JamPacked_Yarnn_paid ads_2

The Cherry On Top: Scaling from B2C to B2B and beyond

A big goal for Yarn’n has been to scale beyond direct-to-consumer and explore a B2B wholesale strategy. After cracking the B2C market, the team are now working with Jampacked to extend our partnership with the introduction of a B2B digital marketing strategy.

As we look ahead, we’re scaling Yarn’n’s ads strategy to boost revenue and expanding our partnership to include TikTok ads management and organic social media management, too.

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