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Case Study 1

Harnessing strategic social media marketing to empower thousands of women to Run With Turia Pitt

Client: Turia Pitt

Key Services:

  • Organic Social Media Management
  • Content Creation

Led By: Jarrah Brailey – Founder & Managing Director

Partnership Kick-off: May 2021

The JamPacked Effect

  • TikTok follower growth: 0-37k (and counting) in under 12 months
  • Run With Turia program: thousands of sign-ups from social media
  • Viral content creation: generating 2.3 million views on a single TikTok video by harnessing timely content opportunities

Let’s hear from Turia herself

Case Study_Turia Pitt_before_Jampacked Agency

Before JamPacked: Struggling to show up strategically on social media

Turia Pitt is a name you’re probably familiar with – and for good reason. In 2011, the ultra-marathon runner suffered burns to 65% of her body after encountering an out-of-control bushfire during a 100km race in the Australian outback.

In the face of adversity, Turia defied expectations and went on to not just survive but thrive. In fact, she’s now a bestselling author, entrepreneur and acclaimed motivational speaker.

Back in 2021, Turia and her team were in the early stages of building her signature running program, Run With Turia. With the goal of helping women learn how to run (for the very first time), Turia was searching for an agency partner to take the reigns of her social media presence and put a framework in place to set her content up for success.

Juggling busy, dynamic roles meant her team were struggling to find time to nail Turia’s organic social media strategy. Without clear goals and objectives in place, posting happened sporadically on an ad-hoc basis. Plus, her content creation wasn’t keeping up with the latest platform features or best practice requirements.

But, her team knew how valuable organic social media marketing could be for Turia’s running program debut. With ambitions to nurture an engaged community of warm leads for the Run With Turia program, boost newsletter subscribers and generate demand for Turia’s multi-faceted offering, Grace McBride (Marketing Manager), Jackie Schmidt (Partnerships Manager) and Turia Pitt (CEO and Founder) needed a team of digital marketing experts who have their finger on the pulse of the social media landscape.

And that’s where Turia’s partnership with Jampacked began.

Joining Forces With Jampacked: Building an engaged, high-intent community on social media

Led by Jarrah Brailey (Jampacked’s Founder and Managing Director), our approach covered three key areas:
  • Social media strategy development: Refining Turia’s unique market positioning, clarifying her niche offering and honing her messaging to ensure she’s attracting her ideal customers at scale across all social media platforms.
  • Social media content creation: Proactively pitching new, high-performing ideas, experimenting with emerging content formats and streamlining the end-to-end content creation process, ensuring every single post drives Turia forward to reaching a specific business goal.
  • Social media management: Handling the heavy lifting of Turia’s organic social media presence across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, proactively engaging with her community to boost engagement, inspire action and foster loyalty.
While we can’t control the curveballs Turia and her team are thrown in business, we can take the stress out of showing up consistently on social media. From ideation to execution, streamlining all aspects of Turia’s social media marketing is what we do best. To build a proactive, purpose-driven social media presence, we’ve used proven tactics and strategies such as:
  • Developing and implementing handpicked content pillars aligned with the unique needs, pain points and aspirations of Turia’s target audience, ensuring these women feel validated and inspired to take action.
  • Consolidating Turia’s marketing messaging across all platforms, ensuring every post is tapping into Turia’s unique story to inspire engagement from existing followers and new audiences alike.
  • Elevating Turia’s content creation by crafting assets and captions that align with the best practice requirements of each social media platform. Plus, we’ve tapped into the power of first-person storytelling, coaching Turia to get in front of the camera to humanise her content and leverage her personal brand as a tool to connect and convert audiences.
  • Leading and executing brand partnerships with the likes of Mitsubishi, Rexona, HOKA, Avene and The Athlete’s Foots (just to name a few), producing branded content that inspires conversion while remaining authentic to the Turia Pitt brand.
  • Running fortnightly Social Targets meetings, reporting back to Turia’s team on performance and making strategic recommendations for how to tweak and improve her content moving forward.
  • Expanding Turia’s social media strategy to include new platforms, such as TikTok, allowing her to tap into a brand new audience segment and grow her customer base.
At Jampacked, we’re no strangers to going above and beyond (it’s in our DNA). We’ve led numerous brand partnerships for Turia, involved in everything from developing content briefs to producing content and optimising its performance across multiple platforms. In fact, Jarrah has flown interstate to capture content for Turia in Port Douglas and has even been known to run alongside Turia at her running events, all in the name of getting that perfect behind-the-scenes shot.
Case Study_Turia Pitt_joining forces_Jampacked Agency

The Cherry On Top: Transforming Turia’s social media strategy to secure thousands of running program registrations

With the Jampacked team by her side, Turia has unlocked the full potential of organic social media marketing to grow her audience, attract new customers and secure thousands of sign-ups to her signature running program.

By redesigning her social media strategy and elevating her content to speak directly to her target market, Turia has unlocked exponential growth (with her TikTok audience growing from 0 to 37k and counting in less than 12 months).

Rather than producing content to tick the boxes, we’ve designed innovative, impactful content that resonates with her audience at scale, including:

@turia_pitt Matching activewear only, pls 😂 #runningcoach ♬ original sound - Turia Pitt

Hilarious, tongue-in-cheek skits that position Turia as authentic and relatable.

@turia_pitt Replying to @Horizons_Theory ♬ original sound - Turia Pitt

Powerful response videos to troll comments that show Turia’s bold, no-BS attitude.

Identifying and capitalising on timely opportunities to drive viral content moments, such as this Duet TikTok video that has gained over 2.3 million views.

High-impact branded content that grabs attention while still nailing the brief, like this partnership video for Mitsubishi.

And this is just the beginning. After the success of our partnership so far, we’re thrilled to be expanding our scope of work to include TikTok, Instagram and Facebook management (alongside managing Turia’s paid social ads strategy, too).

Case Study_zoya_Jampacked Agency

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